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Creating an Integrated Talent Management Practice

Talent can just happen….people join the organization, some get promoted, others leave and are replaced,  they get rewarded, and things just happen….Or it can be Managed as a Strategic asset.

When Planning your career, choose your boss

A threes step process to look at your next assignment.

It’s time to rethink HR

HR is a new field, and as such it is continually evolving, incorporating new thinking, processes and tools, that's why we need to do a better job in selecting the practices we implement.

The Century Of Teams

Technological disruption and Exponential change will require Organizations to revolve around teams, thus changing the way we approach Talent Management


Managing in the digital workplace


Four key innovation have dramatically changed the workplace in the last 10 years.
1-Information at your fingertips, 2-Mobile, 3-Social, 4-Flex

The two roles and eight tasks of a People Manager

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​People Managers have two key roles:
1-Organize and Align the work to achieve company objectives
2-Engage, Develop and Rewards their teams.
In each of the roles there are four key tasks

Demystifying Talent analytics and Workforce planning

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As any new practice or tool, sometimes I feel confused of what they are, and must say I was confused when everyone started talking about HR analytics and Workforce Planning